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MoneyMaxx gives you the ultimate convenience of quick utility payments all under the same roof.

Yip! One single stop to pay your:

& Done!

Can you imagine walking into our store front and paying 4 bills in under 5 minutes with your entire day ahead of you?

MoneyMaxx is placing time back into your hands.

With more than 12 locations nationwide, there is sure to be a MoneyMaxx in your neighborhood. Here is a preview of the many bills you can pay over the counter at a MoneyMaxx near you:

Make it one stop from now on or don’t move at all…

Prefer to stay at home to pay your bill? We totally get that.
Download the app and pay every bill offered within our store front from the app today here.
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What people are saying about us!

I travel frequently and Moneymaxx is the only app that allows me the freedom of paying my bills from anywhere in the world and paying my staff salaries as I travel. Some people hire assistants to do the heavy lifting, I have Moneymaxx on my side.