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Time is extremely important. Those of us who value it, value solutions that allow us to preserve time while also doing those things we need to do like paying bills, sending money, paying insurance premiums and so on. 


The founders of MoneyMaxx having the same plight, sought to not only solve this issue for themselves but decided it a good idea to also share the fulfilment of tasking while enjoying time with family and friends or doing business with the world. 

MoneyMaxx is a Bahamian-owned and operated company with 20+ locations and over 100 staff members all working to return the gift of time back to your hands.

Our services are offered through two mediums, Face to Face and our Mobile Wallet allowing you to pay over 7 local bills inclusive of Water, Light, Cable, Phone within 2 main Jurisdictions: 

New Providence & The Family Island


Freeport; Grand Bahama


Customers with the Mobile Wallet in hand may also conduct additional business such as the purchase of Gift Cards which canvas a wide variety of Merchants including foreign Vendors for example : Walmart, Target, J C Penny, Bath and Body Works and so on. The can send money inter island and country to country inshore or from their mobile wallet by way of our partners at Western Union.

Even smaller tasks are stacked into a premium MoneyMaxx experience allowing one to Top Up their Mobile Number or Sign up for and transact in Bahamian digital currency; Sanddollar. With MoneyMaxx You win. Time is returned and you have the permission to get on with your day.




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