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Use Western Union to send money online or in person to friends and family around the world to more than 190 countries and territories from MoneyMaxx Locations in New Providence and the Family Islands.

If you have a child that is studying abroad, or you have family that you support who live in another country that you support, the let us help you send money to them saftely and securely. Most transfers are avaiable in 10 minutes.

What people are saying about us!

Most of my family still lives in Andros, and some in Exuma. I have very little family here in Nassau but I am here for work. I top up mammas phone from here in Nassau and I send her money when she calls and says she needs it. This app was God sent, before I found this app, I would send a wire transfer or use my gaming account which I can no longer use. Thank God for Moneymaxx. They are a real Bahamian solution to a Bahamian problem.