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You may cancel your use of Points at any time. To do so, please contact us through the chat feature in the mobile app or call us at 1-888-851-1172. Current may terminate these Points Terms or suspend or terminate your use of Points for any reason at any time upon notice to you. For example, this can happen if we find out you are using Points in a way that violates these Terms or the Deposit Account Agreement or our Terms of Service. We will inform you of our decision via in-app notification, phone, or email, and you can always talk to our support team if you have questions. You agree that Current will not be liable to you or any third-party for any costs, fees, or losses

associated with the termination of your access to Points.


With your Current account, you will have the ability to join the Current Overdrive program. This is an optional program which requires you to opt in if you wish to participate. Current Overdrive allows qualifying premium members to overdraft up to $100.00 using their Current Visa® Debit Cards. Overdrive enables you to draw your Current-managed account in your name negative for debit card purchase transactions (“Qualifying Transactions”) up to a specified amount (the “Limit”). The Limit is determined by Current in its sole discretion based on your Current Account history, direct deposit history and direct deposit amounts, spending activity and other risk-based factors. Your Current Account is continually monitored, and your Limit may be adjusted from time to time in Current’s sole discretion. This Overdrive feature does not come with any overdraft fees.



To be eligible for Overdrive, you must fulfill certain requirements:

  1. You must receive at least $500.00 per month in direct deposits from an employer (funding using an external funding source of third-party application are not eligible for overdrive qualification)

  2. You must be 18 years of age or older

  3. You must have a Current premium account in your name in good standing

  4. You have downloaded the Current mobile app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store

Once you’ve received your direct deposit in a qualifying amount, we will review your account and notify you via email on in-app that you qualify for Overdrive.

You may lose eligibility for Overdrive if Current does not receive a qualifying direct deposit within a 30-day period. We will notify you of loss of eligibility in the app or by email if this does occur. If you lose eligibility, Current will not approve debit card transactions that would result in a negative balance to your account. You may regain eligibility for Overdrive

by again meeting the four (4) requirements listed above.



You can opt into Overdrive by navigating to the mobile app where you will be prompted to opt in. Once you opt in, you will see the amount of Overdrive you are eligible for in the app. There are no fees associated with the Overdrive program.

Once you enroll in Overdrive, Current will approve debit card purchases that result in a negative balance to your account up to the Overdrive limit. Your limit will not appear in your transaction history or statements as a balance credit.



If you do not want to access your Overdrive limit in full, you can decrease your limit at any time, either within the app or by contacting us through the chat feature in the mobile app or calling us at 1-888-851-1172.


Overdrive will work with debit card transactions made in-store or online. Overdrive does not cover ATM transactions, peer to peer payments, ACH payments (bill pay), or Current Pay transfers.


If your account balance remains negative for 90 days or more, Current may suspend your account.

Current does not charge interest on any negative balance, and you only need to repay the exact amount of negative balance. Failure to repay your negative balance will not affect your credit, and Current will not provide information about its users use of Overdrive to credit reporting agencies. If you do not repay your negative balance, you may be prevented from using Current products until funds are repaid.

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