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  • Can I change the recipient where my payment is going to?
    Once a transaction has been initiated and completed, the transaction is finalized for both the sender and receiver. If a transaction is made in error, the sender will need to contact the receiver directly, whether an individual or a vendor, to request that a payment in error be returned.
  • Can I cancel my payment?
    For money transfers via Western Union, any cancellation request must be made in person at the location where the transaction was conducted prior to the funds being collected by the counterparty or the funds being deposited to the identified bank account. In some instances, MoneyMaxx will not be able to assist and you will be required to contact Western Union directly at (800) 325-6000.
  • Can I send money using my receipt from immigration if my permit is expired?
    At participating MoneyMaxx locations we accept the acceptance letter from the Department of Immigration along with the receipt of the permit.
  • Which documents do I need to bring to perform a money transfer if I am a citizen?
    At participating MoneyMaxx locations citizens looking to conduct a transfer require two valid forms of governmental identification, one being the passport and Driver license/NIB card/Voters Card.
  • Which documents do I need to bring to perform a money transfer if I am a resident?
    At participating MoneyMaxx locations residents would need to provide a valid passport in addition to proof of immigration status (i.e permanent residency card, a work permit, a spousal permit)
  • What is the maximum amount I can send in one day?
    The maximum amount that can be sent in one day is $2,000.00. There are some store locations whose send maximum is $1,500.00. The location you choose determines your send amount.
  • What is the minimum send amount?
    There are no minimum amounts for sending money, however standard fees do apply.
  • Why can’t I proceed with my Western Union Send or Recieve?
    Please note that some money transfer transactions are cancelled or rejected by Western Union for reasons unknown to MoneyMaxx. In these cases, please contact Western Union directly at (800) 325-6000 for further information and assistance.
  • What do I do if I am refused service in-store?
    MoneyMaxx’s Front Line Associates have legal and regulatory requirements related to preventing where possible illegal, criminal, harmful, and fraudulent activities. In some cases, this may mean that you are not allowed to complete your transaction for your own good, out of an abundance of caution. For further information, please see Central Bank of The Bahamas regulations regarding money transmission and payment services.
  • How can I find out which countries and cities accept Western Union?
    Simply visit the Western Union Agent Locator by way of this link:
  • Will I receive cash in hand?
    You can cash out on the MoneyMaxx App at any MoneyMaxx location.
  • How do I withdraw money from the app wallet?
    The Maxx Wallet emphasises seamless transactions, it is totally digital. Any money loaded or received in the Mobile Wallet, can be cashed out at a MoneyMaxx location.
  • Can I cancel my mobile app payment?
    Unfortunately no - the moment you send a payment or transfer in the MoneyMaxx mobile wallet, we withdraw the amount from the mobile wallet balance and send it to the account of the merchant/biller or to the mobile wallet of your friend or relative. If you want your friend to pay you back, simply have them send you a transfer for the same amount. If you need to be refunded by a merchant/biller, please contact the merchant/biller directly to initiate the return of funds.
  • What do I do if I receive a payment from a stranger?
    If you receive a payment from someone that you do not know, you can simply send the payment back to the other user along with a text message explaining that they paid the wrong person. It may have been sent in error.
  • Can I block a user?
    Yes you can block another user by contacting MoneyMaxx directly and providing the phone number that you do not want to be able to transact with you.
  • My mobile wallet says my payment went to “Unidentified” - what does that mean?
    Your payment went to a phone number that is not associated with an active registered PayLanes mobile wallet. This means that you will need to have the payee download either the MoneyMaxx and or another PayLanes-powered app and register information to their account.
  • What is the most money can I send using the MoneyMaxx App?
    When you sign up for the MoneyMaxx app, your limit is set to $100.00 per week. Once we have confirmed your identity, your rolling limit is $1,500.00 for person to person transactions each month and $2,500.00 for bill pay transactions each month. Please note that these limits may change from time to time in our discretion without prior notice.
  • Can I connect MoneyMaxx to my PayPal, Venmo, or other non-Bahamian payments account to transfer money between the two?"
    MoneyMaxxWallet is intended only for local payments in the Bahamian Financial Ecosystem. However, MaxxWallet is interoperable with other PayLanes-powered mobile wallets and can push to and pull from your Central Bank Sand Dollar account. Additionally, users are only allowed to maintain one MaxxWallet at a time.
  • My friend paid me on the wrong number, can I add it to my MoneyMaxx mobile wallet?"
    If your friend sent you a payment to a number that is different from the one you signed up with, you will need them to contact MoneyMaxx in order to initiate the cancellation process. Provided the recipient has not already utilized the funds. Each mobile number represents a unique mobile wallet and no two numbers can be tied to a single mobile wallet. As such, without contact from your sender directly to MoneyMaxx, you will not be able to receive the funds. Once your sender has canceled the previous transaction, they can resend the payment (and any future payments) to your correct number which should come through to your MaxxWallet successfully!
  • Can I change where my payment is coming from or going to?
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  • How do I add money to my MoneyMaxx mobile wallet?
    Adding funds to your MaxxWallet is super easy. Simply take out your credit card, select “add funds” from your app dashboard, enter the card number and the amount you would like to add to your app wallet and you’re all set to buy, pay and send. You can also add funds from a Moneymaxx physical location at the cashier.
  • Can I use my MaxxWallet to buy merchandise, goods, or services?"
    Yes, you can use MoneyMaxx funds to pay for goods or services at merchants within the paylanes network, Those who accept cards, or through mobile websites or apps that are approved to offer paylanes as a payment option.
  • What do I do if I paid the wrong person via the mobile app?
    You can send them a funds request for the same amount and text message them asking them to pay you back for the money you sent by mistake. If you do not hear back from them or need help sending a funds request, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help! Please note that amounts may not be retrievable if the recipient already has the funds.
  • Do utility payments credit my account immediately when I use the app or is there a delay?
    Bill payment accounts are updated at the close of the work day. Customers that are attempting to avoid disconnection and or need credit applied are asked to may payment at the Utility Office. Please also note that if the time your payment is made, the preferred utility provider is closed to the general public, your payment will be affected by their closure.
  • What are the requirements for bill payment at MoneyMaxx?
    You will need the name of the account, the address, and either account number or the landline associated with the account.
  • Which bills or fees can I pay at MoneyMaxx?
    Bahamas Power & Light PL Water & Sewerage Corporation Aliv Prepaid Top Up Cable Bahamas (REV) Aliv Postpaid Grand Bahama Power Grand Bahama Utilities Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation Pre Paid Top Up Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation Post Paid BAF Financial Insurance Department of Labour Department of Immigration
  • Can you cancel my in-store payment?
    For bill payments, any cancellation request must be made in person at the location where the transaction was conducted prior to the store closing. Once the store has closed, any bill payment cancellation request must be made directly to the utility company or merchant in question.
  • Am I able to pay both BTC & Aliv phone bills at Moneymaxx?
    Moneymaxx locations facilitate Aliv and BTC phone bill payments. The MoneyMaxx App enables customers to pay both BTC & ALiv.
  • Am I able to purchase airtime/top-up at Moneymaxx?
    Yes! Both Aliv & BTC minutes and plans can be purchased in-store or on the MoneyMaxx App.
  • Do I have to be the account holder to make payments?
    No you do not. Payments can be made on the behalf of others. You will however need the correct name on the account and address or the account number.
  • What modes of payment does Moneymaxx accept?
    MoneyMaxx accepts cash as its sole form of payment in store however, as a Moneymaxx App user, you may load your mobile app via credit/debit card to execute your transaction.
  • Can I pay a bill for utilities on another family island?
    Yes! utility payments are not limited by island. Certainly! All you need is the account number and the name of the account holder to make your payment.
  • Do you accept bill payment by cheque?
    Unfortunately Moneymaxx only accepts cash in store. Via the MoneyMaxx App, you can use credit cards for payment.
  • Is there a fee to pay bills at Moneymaxx?
    There is no fee to satisfy bill payments at MoneyMaxx.


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